Monday, January 30, 2012

Learning to Live

Play the song!  

Six months later ...

I have learned from everything and everyone that has crossed my path. I have learned that I can do anything. I have learned that I am worth everything. I have learned that my kids deserve the world.

I have learned to open the door and let whatever is behind it teach me. I have learned not to let the negative feelings and the fear of the unknown control me. 

I have learned that not everyone is a liar and going to hurt me.  I have learned not to judge people for their mistakes and learned not to allow them to judge me for mine.  

I have learned to let go and to LIVE.

Lessons that have changed me so much I hardly recognize 'her' in my reflection now at all. 

I am happy. I am learning not to be ashamed of my decisions or embarrassed of my mistakes.

In the last 2 months I have smiled more than ever and reconnected with pure laughter!  My cheeks hurt at the end of some days.

I made careless mistakes ...
I ran out of gas once. 
I left my headlights on once. 
I fell up the stairs once (maybe twice). 
I lost and found my drivers license.  
I sang karaoke - very very badly. 
I left the cap off the oil on my car.  

Yet, here I am - laughing about it. 

I am just so happy to be here and alive and finally, actually, really ... living.

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